There are many mystical things in the world that cannot be explained through everyday methods.  There are places in the world where things happen that are beyond explanation.  The planet is full of mysteries and wonders that have not yet been discovered.  Enchanted Encounters is a place where we will help you to explore the facets of nature that yet remain shrouded.  From the faeries of Finland to the sasquatch of Saskatchewan, our goal is to shed light on those things which provide insight into our very own natures.  By nature humans are curious about the world surrounding them.  Since the earliest recorded human history stories have been told which defy logic, but all to often there is some substance in these narratives.  Stories are also made up to come to terms with things that people cannot are will not understand.  While modern science has given the human race much knowledge on many subjects, there still remains much that is uncertain or unproven.  Witchcraft, magick, sorcery, voodoo; all of these things are viewed negatively by a majority of the public, but upon closer inspection these things are no different than the common practices that most people make throughout their lives.  Understanding what you understand is easy.  Understanding what you don’t understand is hard.  Most people’s views are hardened by their surroundings.  It is very difficult, indeed dangerous to remain pliant in thought and even moreso in action.  People who dabble in the occult are considered outsiders, and there is no pretense made to accommodate their beliefs or modalities.  Instead they remain mostly in shadow, going about their lives enduring a sense of separation from the rest of the mostly shuttered society.  We are not a group, merely a resource for those looking to fulfill their inquisitive natures, or indeed to become closer to nature.